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The Audi R8 Spyder

The top-of-the-line Audi R8 Spyder takes all the thrilling performance of the R8 supercar and gives it the spirited, wind-in-hair attitude that only a convertible can provide. There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind blow through your hair while tackling the corners of your favorite winding road with the sound of 10 roaring cylinders to accompany you. Want to Lease the 2107 Audi R8 Spyder?


The R8 Spyder is a car that is built from the ground up with the driving enthusiast in mind. The naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V-10 FSI® engine sitting in the rear quarters makes a heart-pumping 540hp and propels the Spyder from zero-sixty in a mere 3.5 seconds. In a market that heavily favors small, efficient turbocharged engines, those who like to be seen and heard will enjoy the bold and throaty exhaust note. The seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission is incredibly responsive, changing gears with incredible speed and accuracy, giving you access to immense power virtually on-demand.

Drivability and Comfort

Despite its track-worthy acceleration and performance, the Spyder is remarkably easy to drive. Visibility in the rear and side mirrors is admirable for a supercar, the ride-quality is excellent overall, and Audi’s Drive Select system allows the driver to tweak the configuration of the engine, gearbox, and magnetic shock absorbers to tailor your drive to satisfy your expectations. Other convenience feature’s such as rear parking sensors and rear camera make it one of the most accommodating performance vehicles on the market.

Though comfort in a supercar tends to take a back seat to thrilling performance, put in the ‘comfort’ drive mode, the Spyder offers an incredibly smooth and quiet ride. The well-padded and supportive seats make it capable of long cruises without excessive fatigue.


Though some sacrifice is usually expected for the retractable roofline, the R8 Spyder manages to feel almost identical to the Coupe in its precise handling and excellent cornering. The responsive steering, excellent gearbox, and all-wheel drive handle corners remarkably at any speeds remotely close to being legal on public roads, giving the driver an overall commanding feel from behind the wheel while flirting with the car’s stunning capability.


The interior sports high material quality, excellent craftsmanship, and superior functionality. Audi’s virtual cockpit provides a large, futuristic screen instead of an instrument panel which has several options for displaying driving information as well as infotainment function. Apple CarPlay and inductive phone charging round out its high-tech features. Overall the Spyder’s interior is among the best in its class with its focus on elegant yet forward-thinking design.


As a stylish and outright fun supercar, it’s hard to find any fault with the R8 Spyder. As a complete package, it provides one the most exhilarating driving experiences available without sacrificing an ounce of the comfort and refinement that has made the German automaker’s lineup such a success over the years. It’s ability to handle everyday driving and race track performance with such superiority makes gives it a unique appeal that makes it stand out in a segment packed with enticing options. Now, Take advantage of great deals like Audi R8 Spyder lease and Lexus NX200t lease from the world’s largest lease marketplace.

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